Lower Energy Costs

On the House Energy Committee I worked on important legislation to lower energy costs across Alaska.  We passed legislation to make it easier for businesses to switch to natural gas and worked with utilities across the state to explore ways to lower transmission costs on the Railbelt Grid from Homer to Fairbanks.  I voted to kill several bills that were designed to let politicians micro-manage the gas pipeline project.  We face enough challenges building the gasline- we don’t need more politicians mucking it up!

Expanding Creamers’ Field

I was proud to pass a bill to expand the Creamers Field Refuge by adding three state owned parcels to the refuge.  This will improve recreation opportunities and streamline the management of this land.  This was the only Democratic bill to pass during the first session of the last Legislature, and is an example of what we can accomplish if we set politics aside to do what’s right for Fairbanks.