Meet Our Family

Adam Wool has lived in Fairbanks for over 36 years. He lives with his wife, Kate, and two daughters, Evelyn and Abby in House District 5.  Adam studied music and physics at UAF where he graduated with a BS in Physics. He is an entrepreneur, starting 3 businesses that still exist today. Adam enjoys running, skiing, camping, fishing, and the great outdoors.  He loves reading, traveling, classic cars, politics, current events, good movies, music, people, and spending time with his family.  Adam volunteers and helps coach running club at University Park Elementary where his daughters go to school.   He is also in the PTA and cares deeply about education.  You can find Adam at the Blue Loon most days when he is not in Juneau.  The Blue Loon is a cultural epicenter providing entertainment, food, and movies, that Adam has owned and operated for over 20 years.