Adam Wool
Alaska State House, District 5
A voice of reason for Fairbanks.

As a Fairbanksan of 36 years, an entrepreneur, small business owner, community leader, father and husband, Adam Wool brings a healthy dose of real world practicality to Juneau. He ran for State House in 2014 after seeing his hometown continue to suffer through the devastating effects of budget cuts and state finances run amok. As the long time owner of the Blue Loon - a restaurant, bar, movie theater, and concert venue in Fairbanks - Adam understands the realities of budgeting and making tough choices to balance a checkbook and keep a business afloat. It's this exact type of real world experience that he has become respected for in Juneau, from Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike. He fights for his constituents - protecting jobs at UAF, securing funding for the Fairbanks school system, increasing access to affordable health care - and cares deeply about the community he lives and works in. He's a fresh dose of common sense reality in Juneau, and epitomizes what it means to be a true citizen legislator. Adam isn't in politics because it's his career. He ran in order to protect the community he loves, and bring the hardworking values of Fairbanks to Juneau.